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Startup Spotlight: Working up a ‘Tastemade’ Appetite

C.A. Cummings

When three Demand Media founders all jumped ship from the company in January 2012, the media was intrigued, but not enough to really investigate. At the time, Demand Media said the moves were coincidental. Luckily for the online community, the departures would soon prove to be deliciously coincidental. A month ago the three announced a new, more palatable venture: Tastemade.

After 13 months of laying low, Steven Kydd, Joe Perez and Larry Fitzgibbon reemerged. This time, the trio made an entrance into the online video space with some pretty heavy backing: $5.3 million to be exact — led by Redpoint Ventures, a firm that’s also invested in Machi… Read More

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Startup Spotlight…YouAreTV Puts Viewers in the “Live” Light

C.A. Cummings

Three years ago, at the height of online social video sensation Chatroulette, puckish entrepreneur Josh Weinstein had an idea — a vision really — that involved merging live social interactions with online video in a way that could be profitable for content creators. Or, at the very least, he wanted to build the technology that would serve as the conduit for these content creators. From there, YouAreTV was born.

“We started out as an accidental creation,” says Weinstein, CEO, YouAreTV, “From Chatroulette we had an epiphany where we saw the future of entertainment as being interactive and in real time.”

Say a creator has a live show airing every Tuesday at 4pm. YouAreTV develops the technology that allows viewers to video call into th… Read More

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