Reviewed! Video Editing and Remixing Made ‘Sympler’


Reviewed! ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Shine Bright


Last weekend was a big one for the online video industry. Not only did the feature-film adaptation of John Green’s best-selling novel “The Fault in Our Stars” open to a huge domestic audience, but Netflix premiered the second season of its critically-acclaimed dramedy “Orange Is the New Black.”

To mark the occasion, VideoInk reached out to actor/writer/producer/singer Kylie Sparks to review both the film and the Netflix series. What did she think? Well, you will have to read on to find out, but in short, they were both stellar.

Reviewed! ‘The Fault in Our Stars': A Stellar, Universal Love Story

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Reviewed! ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is So Much Fun,...


Reviewed! ‘The Fault in Our Stars': A Stellar, Universal...

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Reviewed! ‘Doozers’ Brings ‘Fraggle...

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Reviewed! Indie ‘Oh, Liza’ Finds a Unique Voice Back Home


Reviewed! Hulu’s ‘Deadbeat’ Brings Out the...

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Reviewed! My Damn Channel’s ‘Self-Help’ Brings...

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Reviewed! Like Comedians at Their Most Casual? Hop “In Bed...


First Look! Ora TV’s ‘Wayward Nation’ Taps Spirit of Adventure in Search of ‘American Dream’

Jocelyn Johnson


“These are the roads we travel…” says Ora TV‘s newest pseudo-non-scripted-but-at-times-scripted series “Wayward Nation” in its opening credits, “and the ‘American Dream’ is dead.” So that’s exactly what the series, co-created by Eric Rusch and Mikey McManus, sets out to explore — what is the new “American Dream” and who are the inspirational innovators, dreamers, and entrepreneurs defining it?

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Reviewed! Amazon’s New ‘Primetime Pilots’ Show Some Promise


In honor of Amazon’s second round of original pilots, the VideoInk team banded together (again!) to review half of shows — the “Primetime Pilots,” or the ones that your kids shouldn’t be watching. Then again, we’re not saying you should be watching all of these, either.

In other words. Hey, Amazon, better! But we’ve still got some work to do.

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‘Riley Rewind’ Is the Beginning of a Promising Future


Reviewed! Two Impressive, Charming Indie Web Shows

"The Reviewer"

“Professional Friend” Is Surprising in the Best Possible Way





Professional Friend” borrows a lot from films like “Rushmore” and “Wristcutters” (albeit not as dark as the latter). That’s not to say that this web series is unoriginal. In fact, “Professional Friend” does something that few shows — TV or otherwise — are able to do anymore: surprise. Cont… Read More

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‘Whatever this is': A Better Kind of Web Series


‘Professional Friend’ Is Surprising in the Best...


Reviewed! Two Amazing Sports Web Documentaries Worth Your Time

"The Reviewer"

“City.Ballet.” Is Gracefully Done





City.Ballet.,” to state the obvious, is as much a cautionary tale about ballet as it is a love letter to it. Each episode navigates the scuffed walls of the New York City Ballet with equal parts reverence and apprehension, as it dives into the brutally competitive world of professional dancing. In an e… Read More

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‘Casualties of the Gridiron': A Moving and Effective...


‘City.Ballet.’ Is Gracefully Done


Reviewed! ‘Inferno’ Burns Bright; All the Tech Talk on Earth Can’t Save ‘Betas’

"The Reviewer"

‘Inferno’ Sears to Life Beneath Its Cold, Dark Exterior





Noir these days is really hard to pull off. One of the oldest genres in the books, the tropes are so easily identifiable, so ingrained into our culture, that any filmmaker aspiring to do something with the form needs to be wary of falling into the trap of unintentional parody. You can have only so many hatted, quiet hero-cops before you realize it’s time to retire a character type that perfected by Humphrey Boga… Read More

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‘Betas’ Should Have Never Left the Test Phase


‘Inferno’ Sears to Life Beneath Its Cold, Dark Exterior


Reviewed! John Goodman and Teen Musicals Fail to Impress

"The Reviewer"

“Alpha House” Has the Pieces in Place, But Falls Flat





Comedy pilots are incredibly hard to pull off, more so than any other genre on television. Don’t believe me? Just think about it: How often is it that it’s the comedy pilot that convinces you to watch a television show, and not some other factor like who the show is from, who stars in it, or — in this age of catch-up television — someone who told you to … Read More

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‘Alpha House’ Has the Pieces in Place, But Falls Flat


‘Side Effects': A Teen Musical in the Key of ‘Meh’


Reviewed! Hulu Goes Two for Three with Newest Originals

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Make the Right Choice with ‘The Wrong Mans’





In one of the early scenes of Hulu’s original series “The Wrong Mans’,” co-protagonist Sam (Mathew Baynton) witnesses a cataclysmic car crash. The car spins out of control missing Sam by a… Read More

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‘Mother Up': An Underwhelming Narcissistic Journey


‘Behind the Mask’ Uncovers the Humanity Behind...


Make the Right Choice with ‘The Wrong Mans’


‘The Edge': For Dancers by Dancers


You’re Perfect,’Lyric Lines,’ Never Change


Elliott Wilson’s Interview Series with Myspace is...


‘Destroy the Alpha Gammas’ Commands Attention


‘In the Booth’ Is in the Zone


‘MyMusic’ Season Two Hasn’t Harmonized… Yet


Reviewed! ‘Fail Lab’ Is a Winner


Reviewed! ‘I Am Unstoppable’ Inspires; ‘What Will the Maid Think?’ Cleans Up Nicely

"The Reviewer"

“What Will the Maid Think?” Delivers Squeaky Clean Laughs





With a web series called “What Will the Maid Think?” featuring an episode titled “There’s a Croc in the Room,” you better believe I was expecting to see a live crocodile attack a very frightened hotel maid — I also believe they like to be called “room service atten… Read More

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‘What Will the Maid Think?’ Delivers Squeaky Clean Laughs


‘I Am Unstoppable': A Web Series Not Meant for the Web


Reviewed! ‘Wainy Days’ Is a Classic; ‘Spellslingers’ Falls Short of Magic

"The Reviewer"

“Wainy Days” — A Web Video Classic





With it essentially being “Comedy Week” at VideoInk, I figured one of our weekly reviews should be of an all-time classic: “Wainy Days,” from writer, comedian, and filmmaker David Wain.

Th… Read More

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‘Spellslingers’ is Good, But Not Magical


‘Wainy Days’ — A Web Video Classic


‘Cleaners’ Is Fun, When It’s Not Trying Too Hard


‘We Are Young': Being Young Sucks, Growing Up Sucks


Reviewed! ‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy II’ Is Bloody Fun; Love to Hate ‘Daddy Knows Best’

"The Reviewer"

‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy II': Blood, Guts, and Solid Camera-Work





The history of the “Mortal Kombat” franchise in web video is an interesting one. Who can forget the release of “Mortal Kombat: Rebirth,” an independently produced short film that re-imagined the popular gaming franchise into something much darker, grimier, and honestly, more refreshing? The release of the film, which was di… Read More

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