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Web Incubation: How Fox and Machinima Want to Find Great Stories


Netflix and Amazon Battle for Your Kids

Liz Shannon Miller

I didn’t learn to swim for a long time growing up, because of “She-Ra: Princess of Power.” See, I was born in the 1980s, and when I was five, my parents signed me up for swim lessons. But those classes meant I had to skip my favorite animated princess adventure at least once a week, and I threw a temper tantrum so epic that my parents basically gave up on the idea until I was older and more reasonable. (Sorry I was a brat, Mom and Dad.)

That story won’t make any sense to the generation currently in diapers, because between DVR, DVD, and VOD, they will have little-to-no concept of television programming that can’t be time-shifted. And that’s just what Netflix and Amazon are banking on.

One of the more interesting battles over the last six months has been between the two companies and … Read More

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Brian Robbins of AwesomenessTV

Behind the Deal: How AwesomenessTV and DreamWorks Came to a $33M...

VI - Discovery

Video Streaming Discovery is “like Satan’s Sock Drawer”

Liz Shannon Miller

Here is a drinking game you should never ever play: Go to a conference focusing on web original content, and do a shot anytime someone uses the word “discovery.”

Discovery, in industry parlance, can be best described as the way in which a potential viewer might find themselves watching web content they didn’t initially set out to watch. Discovery could happen through a blog that curates videos, the related videos that pop up when you finish watching something on YouTube, an email from your mom — what matters putting somebody in front of something that they’ve never seen before, and weren’t necessarily seeking out.

Problem is, beyond social sharing, which doesn’t extend past personal networks, discovery isn’t happening on the scale it needs to. Read More

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Real Talk: One Too Many Online Video Platforms, Far Too Few Viewers

Liz Shannon Miller

Last week, Yahoo! was prohibited from acquiring Dailymotion due to French government interference. But this might be the best thing that ever happened to Yahoo! — it already has one video platform that isn’t really being watched.

In an industry as young as the online video world, you really can’t say that there’s such a thing as a hard truth. But here’s the closest thing to one: Expecting general audiences to watch content that’s not on YouTube, Hulu or Netflix is a very bad bet.

Hulu and Netflix have become genuine destination sites for content, thanks to their acquisitions of premium content, because here’s another let’s-not-call-it-a-hard-truth: Premium con… Read More

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Vuguru Goes Long Form with “Deep Powder” — Or Does It?


Psy’s “Gentleman” a viral hit, but enough to...