Machinima Partner Yoteslaya Passes Away in Fatal Train Collision
/ Oct 23, 2013


According to a report by Fox 59, Machinima Respawn partner Brian Rickard (Yoteslaya) has died in a fatal car accident. Early accounts state that a truck carrying Rickard, Ryan Cook, and Ashlee Pugh collided with a train in Vigo County Wednesday morning. All three passengers were found dead at the scene.

Authorities have confirmed that all warning signals and gated were working at the time of the accident. The investigation is ongoing, however, officials believe alcohol may have played a role in the fatal crash. It has also been reported that the passengers were not secured with seatbelts during the collision.

Rickard’s YouTube channel, Yoteslaya, was known for its “Let’s Play” videos from popular gaming titles like “Call of Duty” and “Borderlands 2.”

Multi-channel network Machinima responded to the accident via Twitter, writing: “Our condolences go out to the family of @YOTESLAYA during this difficult time. He was one of a kind and a good friend to us all.”

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  • shermanator

    R.I.P. One of the best :(

  • jake

    R.i.p Yote <3 u man…

  • lewis dyer

    R.I.P God Bless America :’(

  • LittleLiamHD

    yote you were the best i wish that his kids are ok i feel really sorry for them

  • Oli duffield

    im sorry this is the real oli duffield that was my friend not realising what he was saying he didnt know this was a forum for someone who has passed away i loved yote’s videos and im sad to hear about this news R.I.P

  • Oli duffield


  • iFreezeHQ


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  • Mick

    I hope you will respawn next round yote :’(

  • hi

    hope you find som vaults yote

  • Dave Levias

    Rip yoteslaya we love u man

  • Fan

    RIP YOTE you are in better place now

  • whythesympathy

    deserved for drunk driving hope he rots in hell if the driver was him

    • Marcus Cobb

      don’t talk he was a good person and he made a mistake. Don’t we all?

      • Jake

        Yeah I mean that’s good in theory, there is just a massive pity party for someone that did something terrible. The point where he got behind the wheel of that car intoxicated after already getting a DUI he became a criminal, and in my eyes the moment his friends died.. a murderer. I can’t believe all the people that wish for him to recieve some sort of tribute in a following Borderlands, and frankly if he does, I certainly won’t be buying it.

    • hufAFFA

      fuck you i hope you rot in hell who are you to judge him he made a mistake we all do so eat shit and die.

      • lg

        if he was drunk and driving he deserves to die because not only did he put his life on the line he also got other people killed and he was not that good of a you tuber respects to his family

        • Delforien

          Ok so just because someone drives drunk doesn’t mean they should die you fucking prick, like seriously do you even know what you just said? I, however, think he deserved jail time or a ticket or literally anything other than death. And also don’t say he got other people killed because they chose, in their own stupidity, to get in that truck with him knowing he was drunk. So yeah three people died It wasn’t Brian’s fault alone, all three of them were at fault so get off your high horse and think about what you’re going to say before you say it, dumbass.



    • a51529


    • scarecrow7169

      fuck u do u know he has two kids and a wife left behind think about them growing up with out a father u asshole

    • Unknow:|

      Skip you i hope you die From a bus Fag He had 2 kids.

    • harmonius

      hey dude how about you fuck off he was awesome

    • LurkingSin23

      You deserve to rot in hell you fucking dick. He had 2 children who don’t get to grow up with a father.

  • Screw you Man yote was awsome don’t you dare diss him again

  • Michael Brodeur

    dang loved yoteslayer one of my favorets R.I.P and sorry to his familly

  • Vaughan16

    RIP man slay them zombies up in heaven i wish your kids the best :(

  • yote’sdead:(

    We never saw this coming :( Soooo sad :(

  • Jacob Marcum

    R.I.P. Yote thanks for the three years you legend. I nor the community will never forget you. Hey while you wate up there in heaven for all you Ladies and Genitals hope to see you up there buddy.

  • HERO

    R I P One of the best in the community!

  • youtuberz

    RIP yoteslaya died young :(

  • Good Bye Yote

    good night man…we’ll all miss u. You made us laugh, cry, and get through hard times brother. RIP Brian “Yoteslaya” Rickard. :’(

  • Kyle Clicquennoi

    I think he was comming home from a party! He was probably drunk. But alas we will miss him

  • tom

    why cant u respawn your apart of machinima respawn armnt u 8(

    • Thedemonkidcleon

      we wish bro we all do

  • UseYourHead

    what an idiot, wasted his and two other peoples lives….smh i feel bad for the families.

    • Thedemonkidcleon

      fuck u bitch yote waz awesome

    • scarecrow7169

      ok u say think about there family wat about his kids and his wife huh

  • Mike

    Anybody disrespecting Yote can go to hell. He was a good man and he don’t deserve anybody’s disrespect. You should be glad he was on this earth rather than trash talk the deceased. And shame to 9gag4lyfe. You disgust me you fucking asshole.

  • aresev

    Dude you don’t make jokes about stuff like that you 10 year old piece of crap. And to all the other people commenting about what an ass he was stfu. I don’t know him bit its not funny at all and if you’re just trying to troll you’re really bad at it.

  • Thedemonkidcleon

    R.I.P yote we miss u bro

  • Jake L

    Please respawn Yote/Brian we love you man.

  • goodbye yoteslaya we all miss

    Rip tote everyone will miss you we all hope you have better life up in heaven

  • goodbye yoteslaya we all miss

    Rest in peace nathan:) :(

    • Monastery Gaming

      His name was Brian genius and he was 34 or whatever. R.I.P yote

  • goodbye yoteslaya we all miss

    Everyone tote was 23-24 years old

  • goodbye yoteslaya we all miss

    I ment yote not tote in one of my comments sorry about that everyone :( and yoteslaya will live on in the next round of life we all hope you have a good time till then good bye for a while yote till then you take it easy up there bud one of your best fans. See you soon yoteslaya we will mis you. You were the best at killing zombies. I will see you soon yoteslaya.

  • bob

    if you are calling yotaslaya bad words you shouldent say it anyway

  • A long time fan

    GG Yote… I have always been a long time fan of your channel especially your zombies! You were the one who introduced me to custom zombies! You will be missed

  • Zero_godof_melee

    Yote im sorry it looks like this is the end all us zombie players will keep on going until we see you in the next game. We will always no that you ended at round 34 (years of age) and we will help Mathew and dawson carry on with out you

  • 56 rounds onbo2player9610ps

    Miss you yote you didn’t take your truck out for a ride that night

    • 56 rounds onbo2player9610ps

      I ment to say wish you didn’t take your truck out that night

  • 56 rounds onbo2player9610ps

    9gag4lyfe shut up

  • RadomZombie

    R.I.P even though i dont know your video’s im sure u where a great guy and i hope u are in a better world now.
    peace from the Netherlands.

  • phyrr

    Fuq Yoteslaya. He was 34 with two YOUNGER people in his truck, was arrested for DUI a month ago, tried to beat a train intoxicated and got himseld and TWO OTHER PEOPLE KILLED. Irresponsible prick just left a wife and 2 kids behind because he couldn’t be an adult and ended up murdering two others. That’s right, murrder – because had he survived, y’all wouldn’t be crying you’d all be watching his arse getting manslaughter charges. Gearbox will get REAMED if they put him as a character in BL3. Michael got inserted in BL2 for having a terminal illness, not terminal stupidity. Dumb ass Americans thinking irresponsibility like that is excusable or defendable is beyond me. Wake up.

    • Curtis Jay Russell Jr

      i respect the whole sentence except when u put all america in it thats like me saying your whole country has a bad dental pratice

    • BadNewsGavel

      Why you single out Americans when stupidity like this happens around the world is simply amazing to me.

    • Frank teng

      It’s called living life to the fullest no matter the consequences so instead of hating you can feel some sympathy for his wife and kids so fuq you

      • Billy Mays

        I fail to see how drunk driving and getting yourself and two others killed is “living life to the fullest”, it’s just throwing your life away.

    • CapitalFly

      he wasn’t driving

  • WTF

    get cancer fag, nobody is gonna mis you CANCER faggot.

    • Robert

      Bitch rot in helll!!!!

  • WTF

    soorryy bro wrong person

  • scarecrow7169

    fuck u asshole he left behind two sons and a wife so fuck u

  • Brook

    See you when I go to Heaven Yote, keep slaying those zombies up there!

  • Jenn Christensen

    You’re a dick! I’d like to see you get ONE fan. Yote had over 600k people who loved him. You should never hope that someone dies. You are the worst kind of person.

  • Jenn Christensen

    Rest easy, Yote! Haters are always going to hate but you know how much you were loved and appreciated! Goodbye Ladies and Genitals.

  • Bas

    Rest In Peace Brian. You were the best and still will be remember as
    #1 in my heart. Now that you’re gone, I don’t know what’s the point of
    YouTube for me anymore. I used to watching YouTube but only your videos,
    not much else. But now I don’t even know what to do on YouTube anymore.
    You are more than just a guy from YouTube for me, I feel like you are
    someone close to me that you didn’t really know about, I love what you
    did and I just hope your boys can continue your legacy. Rest In Peace
    If I ever get to USA, I will come by to your house and visit your boys and say “Hi”, and tell’em that I was #1 fan of you!

  • MY GOD

    he is a person do you know that? would you be happy if one of your family member died today. maybe no. so shut up and please respect

  • dc

    I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for yoteslaya videos if he were still on this earthen would go to jail for killing those other guy that were in his truck with him

  • Robert

    Fuck you!

  • harmonius

    the dudes fucking right the dude deserves that

    • harmonius

      by dude I mean Jacob not you dumbass cunt

  • harmonius

    fuck you dude

  • CapitalFly

    R.I.P Yote gone but never forgotten


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