Netflix Picks Up New Fox Digital Studio Movie ‘Parallels’

/ Feb 27, 2015

Fox Digital Studio Parallels

“Parallels,” a sci-fi adventure film from Fox Digital Studio, is set to debut on Netflix on March 1.

Following the Netflix premiere, it will also be available across a number of digital VOD platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and Xbox, on March 31.

Starring Mark Hapka (“Days of Our Lives”) and Jessica Rothe (“Next Time on Lonny”), “Parallel” tells the story of an estranged brother and sister who are reunited when their father mysteriously disappears. They are then joined by their neurotic neighbor on a quest to find the missing father, which leads to them accidentally discovering a portal to parallel Earths.

In addition to Hapka and Rothe, the film’s cast includes Constance Wu (currently one of the headlining stars of ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat”), Eric Jungmann (“Not Another Teen Movie”), and Michael Monks (“End of Watch”). It’s directed by Christopher Leone, who has directed three other Fox Digital projects including “Suit Up” and “Wolfpack of Reseda.”

Fox Digital Studio is a production unit inside 20th Century Fox that focuses on feature films and long-form and short-form series, primarily for digital distribution in the US. Previous projects include Vin Diesel’s “The Ropes,” Walt Becker’s “Bad Samaritans,” and “How to Be a Man,” starring Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes.

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  • Ra LaMothe

    OMG! This movie HAS GOT to become a series! This was an INCREDIBLE adventure!

    • privacycare

      totally, it has so much potential, way more than even what Fringe did, too bad it is currently a movie.

      • Ra LaMothe

        Well, I’m hoping there is some kind of plan for this cause they left it pretty open for a continuation. That would suck BIG time to leave that with a cliffhanger. It reminded me of Sliders, but with a much more serious tone.

      • Holyserpent0808 .

        Its more like sliders,

        • Ed

          Sliders with an edge.

      • envoy510

        The acting and stories are not nearly as high quality as Fringe, but I definitely enjoyed it and it does have possibilities for a TV series. Hopefully it would be better than Sliders, which I didn’t like at all.

      • Bammajamma Nondeplumeron

        You are out of your mind if you think this holds a candle to Fringe.

        • privacycare

          LOL, yeah, you are right, not even close

    • RainbowPrincess

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Just finished watching it.

      • Ra LaMothe

        What got my mind going was all the warning graffiti in the building about particular Earths. I would love to see them go to some of these worlds and experience some of the warnings. I LOVED Sliders, but this show as a series could rule Sliders in an instant!

        • RainbowPrincess

          Yeah, the plague one got me thinking about how, maybe, it was a Zombie Apocalypse, hehe.

          • Ra LaMothe

            Yeah, imagine them coming onto a zombie world and running into Rick Grimes group of the Walking Dead. LMAO!

          • RainbowPrincess

            That would be awesome!

          • Ra LaMothe

            Hey! Are you a comic fan, by any chance?

          • RainbowPrincess

            I used to be, growing up, reading Conan, Ghost Rider, Morbius, Dawn, and quite a few others, and still watch a bit of anime, but haven’t read any comics in a while, although I still like them.

        • nygma

          Anyone notice they aren’t from our earth? The first warning they read was about 9/11.

          • FixIt

            Except that warning about “9/11” was was not on 9/11.

          • Hatchetman

            That was after the 2nd time they jumped that was not on there earth

          • Jeni123456789

            Watch it again, it said october, not september

          • The “terrorist attack happened on October 23” was graffiti from someone who had jumped from another Earth. The core three noticed it because it was strange, because in their Earth (which is presumably ours, but not necessarily) the attack happened on 9/11, not 10/23.

            The building is the same in all Earths, so anyone in it can graffit it, and that graffiti will be the same wherever the building goes, no matter which dimension it’s in now.

          • Apelles Villain

            Yea but it didn’t happen on 9 11 it happen oct 11 on the warning

          • Frances Kissems

            True.. very true

    • thatlarkin

      Everything about this, from the cinematography, to that annoying jittery camera work, to the cliff hanging plot line, screams TV series. I think they’ll be more episodes soon.

    • Kayy Van

      I’d be confused if it didn’t considering the end.

    • oblivion328

      Unfortunately, it was supposed to be and Fox didn’t pick it up. The movie is really the pilot episode.

  • Snownova

    It’s essentially a remake of Sliders, but that is a good thing, I want more!

    • Ra LaMothe

      I agree with you on that comparison, but the potential is so much more.

  • Pat Ryot

    Just watched and am a huge fan of alternate reality/history fiction. I can totally see this happening even as a short run series. Come on Netflix give it a go!

    • Ra LaMothe

      We should all start a campaign to bring this to series.

      • Nick

        I would be down for that campaign lol I really liked this movie

      • yolo

        yh i think we should

      • GodDamnFillers

        Tell me where to sign I liked the movie would be down with a series or a mini series even.

  • Brandon

    I so agree with the other posters. This show was great!!

  • Roo Woods

    Just watched it myself hope they make more .

  • Dan

    Wow! This is a terrific pilot for a series(or series of movies)! This is a must see for Netflix viewers!

  • yetanotherpseudonym

    Well, of course it’s like Sliders. That’s stunningly obvious. But Sliders was ruined by the infighting and left with a shocking last series and terrible ending. With any luck they will make this into the series Sliders could and should have been.

    • nygma

      Sliders should have been wrapped up after the second or third season. I forget when I stopped watching as a kid. If this gets a series I hope it is made with a an ending in mind over a limited number of seasons.

  • jdub

    Great movie. I agree with most, they need to make this a series of some sort.

  • Joel Nathaniel

    I just watched, what I assume is episode one on Netflix. I was left hanging. Where is episode two? If anyone remembers Sliders, that is a block of cheese compared to this. This has the perfect mix of suspense, action, and sci-fi. This is series is clearly going to be an addictive drug that will have you craving the next episode. If your a Star Trek geek or you find Star Wars a bore this will grab your attention, no matter what genre you cling to.

  • Steve Girard

    Hopefully they’ll continue. I like the feel, but it is very low budget, special effects are pretty non-existent… they’ll likely upgrade a bit if they get a series deal…. at least to the level of say, Continuum.

  • nd

    Just watched it too and said the exact same thing. Great movie with tons of potential

  • Debra Sargent-Macapagal

    Just finished watching this, thinking it was just a movie. I certainly hope they continue it!

  • me

    They have to make this a series or at least finish the movie. So awesome.

  • Rich81

    The ending had me going, “wtf, where is the rest of this movie?” I enjoyed the movie and I want to see more!

  • Keyth Sullivan

    WTF Netflix we need to finish the story we want more lets make it a netflix original



  • Matt Mohler


  • Nick Ellington


    The first thing I thought when they started talking about the core world, and what happened on earth 132(or whatever), is how would anyone know what number a particular earth was? if it’s a ghost ship and the top is abandoned, yet it jumps every 36 hours, wouldn’t there be some tens of thousand of earths traveled through already? according to the movie’s 36 hour bit, that would make 237.3 jumps per year and 11866.6 jumps in 50 years. we can assume that at LEAST 20 years have passed due to the age of the MC…


    sorry bout that… I don’t know… I like it, and I think it has potential, but if there’s a continuation then it needs to pay more attention to consistency. I’m not going to nitpick the science, or say ‘so and so’ isn’t possible. all I ask for is a limiting of the suspension of disbelief. Explain things a bit better so that other people like me don’t go, ‘Wait, wtf? That timeline makes no sense!’ etc.

    • Gary

      What are you talking about the timeline makes no sense? Nothing in your description above implies that there’s an inconsistency.

      • Nick Ellington

        Based on what we as an audience know, how would any of the main cast know which earth they were on, Chronologically speaking? Therefore how would anyone who wrote any of the graffiti know which earth they were on? What was even the point of the graffiti? The only ones who could KNOW which earth they were on were the original builders and anyone who made it to the control room, but neither of those 2 groups would have a need to write useless messages on the walls. Anyone else writing those messages would have no frame of reference, so whats the point? Particularly if the building only travels one way.

        • nygma

          I was also wondering how anyone would know the numbering as well. The numbers are rather random since it isn’t documented in any order on the wall. I’m rather amazed at Tinker’s ability to create a control console with no previous knowledge of the building tech specs. There was only an electrical outlet, no i/o ports to link to. Yeah no wonder the dad was amazed. Tinker is the greatest engineer ever.

          • Zach

            The way I see it is maybe some random people discovered the building and so the earth they came from was earth 1 and then began counting from there. At some point they must have found a planet that was soo great that they stayed.. Or maybe Got stuck. Who knows. Maybe it’s that Asian girl, she obviously has some secrets.

          • Me

            There’s a problem with your theory… There’s a message on a wall that says, “What/Where is Earth 1?”

            So they did not start at Earth 1

        • Rob Rock

          The travelers are the ones who devised a count system. We see by the 3 girls who found each other, there are frequent travelers who become experts at jumping. The “jumping community” are freewheelers. who live to jump, so it stands to reason they would attempt to construct a system of counting the earths.

        • Not saying they did, because I didn’t see it, but it’d be easy to embed something in the sidewalk outside the front door. Like, y’know, “1”, “2”, “3”, or whatever. Not sure if the sidewalk travels with them or not.

          Either way, if you put a sign just outside the door, it could act as a semi-reliable way of indicating which earth you were on. Y’know, so long as nobody graffitied it.

    • Ziada

      I just want to point out that each time the building jumps there is no direction and doesn’t mean each jump is to a different world. There cold be an infinite amounts of worlds as was stated, or quite simply jumping from world 23,to world 54, 72 and back to world 23. The building would have to at some point go back and forth regularly to all of the worlds. At least that makes sense to me

    • JSWC

      just a thought…. the writings on the wall are from the people who got on “the ride” on that particular world. so basically when you get on “the ride” you look to see what the highest number is and add a one to it for your home world………..
      another thought is that there isn’t enough in the “plot movie” to tell us what is really going on. The “father” says that the “mother” knows where the core world is, implying that she knows the order of things.

    • Nick Ellington

      The point of my first comment is that we shouldn’t HAVE to say, ‘Well maybe this’, or ‘maybe because of that’, or ‘if this happened then maybe that did too’, etc. ‘Timeline’ was the wrong word to use. maybe ‘Mechanics’ would have been a better one.

      In a movie, you want the audience to be asking, the question of, ‘HTH are there three of them??’

      and not

      ‘is this because of that, and that because of there, and there because it’s neon purple….. wait, what?’

      Instead of arbitrary numbers that have no chronological reference, the cast could have found a journal from previous travelers:

      ‘Day 84- The last World was dead. Probably a plague since the buildings seemed fine. I was able to stock up on ‘____________’ and found some cool tech I hope to trade on future Worlds.

  • TWDfan3086

    loved it I hope they make a series out of this or at least have another part that ends it I hate when they leave you hanging and don’t ever let you see an ending.

  • Dan Ward

    to the person who did the math saying the building jumps every 36 hours and it would take years to get to any amount of earths….. Did ya ever think that maybe the person who built the building could set their own timer for say 30 minutes and then jump… then the next jump maybe 3 hours? maybe the reason its jumping every 36 hours is because the 1st driver last set the timer for 36 hours and its stuck there until someone changes the time from 36 hours to say 3 hours or something better?

    Maybe they will figure out how to change the time but not know how to choose their own time exactly (BUT thru the computer built – they will know how long they have to go and come back)

    Its a great show — and is a lot like sliders 🙂
    I still watch sliders every year start to finish!

  • Troy Arnote

    I loved this movie! What happens next? Give us more!!!

  • Ivan

    It is a little similar to Sliders, but less juvenile and without the pervasive leftward tilt. It absolutely has promise and I hope Netflix will develop it , if not as a seasonal series, then as a series of sequels

  • Rick

    This needs to turn into a netflix series…more episodes please!

  • Andrew Stanley

    I need closure. A series like this would make my life right.

  • Ami

    Love this and am impatiently waiting for the episodes to start. I am a giant fan of sliders and am so excited for this!

  • James

    The whole movie looked liked a TV pilot. That’s probably their intent and why the ending sucked as a movie ending but works if seen as an episode. Thing is, to me, with the ending as it was, it was sucky as a movie but great as a pilot for a Sliders type of show.

  • Thyra Mannozzi

    I love it as a pilot to a series but as a movie, you reeled me in and left me hanging. Its cool like continuum sans time travel. I hope it becomes a series. Maybe a Netflix Original?

  • Ashley

    I want more… Praying that it turns into a series.

  • Eileen Durfee

    Make it a series!!!!!! This movie is awesome

  • Jai White

    Aw man, Netflix. You could totally increase your audience with this potential sci-fi goldmine!! I was a huge fan of Sliders until seasons 4 and 5 came around. Which left a lot of fans disappointed. If Netflix picked up this movie and turned it into a series it would be awesome!! Because there are no restrictions in dialogue and violence. Also, I really do hate being left hanging like that. Awesome cliffhanger.

  • Simon Graham

    I am amazed at the positive reactions to this lame movie. ‘Fringe’ was a brilliant exploration of the concept of parallel universes. This gives the impression that it was written on someone’s kitchen table by a youngster with little experience of life who needs to get out more. It lacked any of the cultural detail of ‘Fringe’s’ parallel universes, which was interesting and engaging, not to mention simple plot, shallow characterisation and low potential for complex relationships. A brother and sister from a troubled family are jerked about by dysfunctional Dad who after an hour and a half of irrelevant mayhem tells them to go look for mysteriously-missing Mom. Really? If this takes off, America is seriously down the intellectual tubes.

    • Rob Rock

      Pure diatribe. I got news for you genius, this isn’t the Fringe. I’m amazed at how some people rate their intellect by the type of TV SHOWS they like. What a simpleton.

      • Simon Graham

        So Parallels is Fringe for the challenged? CSI spin-offs were a far more credible expansion of the original, retaining a lot of the science angle.

        Let’s just not pretend that a Parallels series would be more than a cheap rip-off of the Fringe concept for those who don’t care to understand the difference, unless they draft in writers who can explore the themes with credibility with (for any sake) some of Fringe’s scientific street-cred.

  • Mike Roth

    They have to make this a series. How can you end a movie like that. It’s like they now have accepted the adventure of traveling to parallel dementions and just found out the mission, then it ends. Netflix needs to make this happen. I loved sliders as a kid, the whole idea of it. This is way better, not as cheesy. Please Netflix, make thus a series. Wikipedia says it’s a series, but that’s not always a dependable source of info.

  • Chaz Bart

    Watching it now the storyline seems amazing.

  • Snazzy Bean

    My family enjoyed it very much and we’d watch it if it became a series.

  • Marsbarrxx

    You can’t end a movie like that. It was great, reminded me so much of Fringe, and The One, however because of the ending it ranked really low for me. That was disappointing.

    • britt

      this isn;’t a movie. it was made as a TV pilot to hopefully be picked up and made into a series. hence, the cliffhanger ending.

      • Marsbarrxx

        It doesn’t say anything like that in the description on Netflix, so one would assume it’s a movie like I did. Unless you dig, which I didn’t, I would not of know it’s a pilot.

        • Ross Bourne

          But you’re still here, on the internet, where you find this info out…are you saying you think other people are so dumb they couldn’t work out to do the same?

          Or do you just want Netflix to fill the entire screen with various disclaimers about what each show is/is not?

          Or do you just want to quit finding the stupidest little things to whinge about…

  • January

    I need more…..loved this

  • MrDoug

    bring on the series

  • nygma

    Hey it’s a Sliders re-boot, but the remote timer is the building. About half way through I started to wonder if this was a pilot, and just hadn’t noticed that I clicked on a series. It was an okay movie/pilot with well known tropes, including a very BSG-esk moment. A few plot holes, like Tinker seemingly knowing of alt worlds based on his monologue. Thank you mister exposition. Sharon… I mean Polly, was the only one I actually rooted for.

  • frank wright

    This movie was amazing i hope there is a series in the works or some sort of trilogy!

  • Georgia

    Hope they continue this series!!!!!!

  • Cristian Max Diaz

    This is an awesome Series Pilot. I think that is its not meant to be a movie at all, it’s actually a long series pilot. I just watched it and I found it really awesome.

    As most of the comments below I found this like very nice mix of Sliders / Fringe kind of plot. I would love to see this become a Netflix Original series.

    However I would also would like to this to have a clear wrap up for the story, not like Sliders which turned into a very repetitive, and poor scripted show after season 3 and also do not want this to turn into a never ending seasons series that will decline it quality over time and be force to wrap up (cancel) with a lot of loop holes in the storyline, like what happened to Lost.

  • steve

    I love this movie, Wu is a Hattie 4 sure and the story is good. It reminds me of Sliders a little bit & I like that show too! You got a good thing going so make it a series some how or make more movies. A Netflix original type deal would be good as well. Impressed with all the players and I respect the whole package put together by the behind the scenes crew, good effects, good production value so kudos to all! Thanks, Steve @Dahat

  • steve

    Oh & when Wu clicked her boots on the bed I really believe she might have winked at me just then, just saying…

  • Sky Grayson

    I need more!! Loved this

  • william

    Fox uve got to finish this this is a bad ass show plz finish the series and why dont u even trow a movie of this in there this could be az big as naurto dbz onepiece bleach so plz make this happen

  • Michael Hodges

    Totally agree great start could easily be a series (better than sliders…and I enjoyed Sliders) and I would watch it weekly! Come on Nextflix don’t let me down

  • Christina Marechal

    I wish they would make this into a series. It was really good.

  • Ben Hunt

    Can someone explain to me the ending of the movie?! It’s really confused me

    • Greg Procter


  • Me

    It sucked

  • Andrew Mutz

    I really liked this first episode, I’m just tore up about it not having more yet… I can’t hardly well of course I have to wait but I don’t want to…

  • Verum

    Is this a movie, or is it like a serie that has like 2 hours long episodes? I want to see more! 😀

  • Bob the builder

    This is a modem day sliders! I was watching it thinking it had to a series the entire time. Was so sad my dreams were dashed. This could easily be the next amazing sci fi series that the world gets addicted to come on FOX.

  • johny9999

    Make sure to Rank 5 stars, if it doesn’t rank a series is unlikely.

  • nick

    I really hope they make another I’m so into making it happen I email the director but I don’t think he’ll email back lol but I’m really hoping they’ll make another or at least a final part 2 or something. If anyone finds out more pleas reply to this.

  • Mike Laster

    God, everyone needs to share this on facebook, whatever. This needs to become a series. This “movie” is absolutely amazing. Please dont let this one die

  • Cabeza de Bufalo

    It is a pilot of a series, but fox digital released it as a movie. Its totally stupid because it has no ending, its a scam.

  • Abbi

    Why does the end of the “movie” seem like the end of it, when you find out the Asian girl is really 3 different people, just leaves us hanging. What’s next? I went to see if there were more episodes and that was it. What gives???

  • Weldon

    Great movie, great storyline, but what hell! The end left us completely confused and lost!

  • Joey

    Is there going to be a parallels 2?? It was really good.

  • yes, it is better than the original Sliders and I loved that show in the 90’s —- please please please turn parallels into a series, it rocks, and besides it finished on a ‘what’s next’ cliff hanger moment – you can’t do that it’s not fair if no plans to do more!!!!

  • chris

    Hope they make a series out of this it has potential.come on Netflix make it a series

  • Jean

    You need to make this a series. How can you tell the son and daughter to go find their mother (who they thought was dead) and just drop it? This can be such an AWESOME series.

  • gabriel

    OMFG sooo good PLEASE make another one

  • SunnySugar

    Really great guys, but how does it end?????

  • Marc

    Seriously? Netflix should be damned to hell for paying anything for this ‘show pilot.’ Fox abandoned it so Netflix took the pilot and aired it as a movie. WTF is wrong with them? This would be a great tv show, or long running mini-series, like 2 hours every other week. But to call this a movie and not a pilot is effed up at best and such a waste of money and time, at worst.

  • Britt

    FYI guys – a friend of mine worked on this project and it was MOST DEFINITELY made as a TV pilot. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A MOVIE. Just a long series pilot. But damn, this would make such an amazing show. I really hope Fox runs with it.

    • Jason Moors

      Oh could you tell me more? Did your friend mention any possibility that they would be coming out with more or at the least doing a reboot in the form of a series?

  • Barracuda30

    I caught this on Netflix and loved it… but was so disappointed when I saw it wasn’t a show with more episodes. I was a huge fan of Sliders back in the 90s and never wanted it to end. The concept of parallels Earths has such amazing potential for a series. I never wanted Sliders to end, and Parallels is a grittier, more modern take on that with heavier storytelling elements and I loved it.

  • Instafan

    Netflix should definitely make this a Netflix original series, I think it would be an instant hit! Netflix are you reading this?

  • PioneerPlanner

    Watched this on NetFlix and didn’t know it ended so abruptly which is why I’m here. I’ve always loved parallel universe movies/shows. Though many of you are probably too young this feels very much like a dressed up “Sliders” but less campy and more drama here. I can’t wait until it is either a trilogy or series of monthly hour long digital release shows.

  • When arrives Parallels the other VIdeo on Demand plattforms? March 31st was yesterday.

  • Ron Thomas

    Hoping it’s a series. I will be pissed if not


    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who is going to wear a “PARALLELS” label shirt with “I’M FROM EARTH 23” written on it

  • Brien Bowers

    remade and updated sliders

  • CincyCheryl

    I would love to see this as a series or a second movie . although I must say I do not like movies that leave me hanging .

  • Matty

    That was incredible. Such a brilliant foundation. Please please I need a weekly slice of that

  • LS650

    A couple of comments. I can only assume that this was shot as a pilot for a potential series, but never picked up?

    1) How did the graffiti writers distinguish between Earths? ie. ‘Earth 33’ vs. ‘Earth 92’, etc?

    2) Of all the warnings about the various Earths on the wall, the one that scared me the most was “What’s coffee?” 🙂

  • Meeee

    Parallels would make a great series! I would love if they made it into that!

  • Renata

    Is there a part Ii…. please come with part ii

  • rayg

    I would put this near the top of my watch list if it becomes a series.

  • InvisiGhost

    Wish I would have known beforehand that the movie was basically going to be incomplete bc it’s trying to be a series I guess..I dislike greatly when things are unfinished..I will admit that it’s pretty decent compared to a lot of things out there but it will prob not go anywhere so my advice would be to not even bother..

  • Ben Johnson

    I hope this is going to be made into a series.

  • Tricia Ebert

    I really hope Netflix turns this into a series. It’s a great pilot movie and left me wanting more!

  • Dale

    As I see it, there are an infinite number of buildings on an infinite number of worlds as “the building is the same on all worlds.” Remember, Alex set the bomb on that world yet the building still stands. Alex (from the building) said it wasn’t him implying another Alex from another world in another jump set the bomb. Yet the building, given an infinite number of worlds to randomly jump to, would be incredibly unlikely to jump twice to the same world no matter how many centuries have passed and how many millions of jumps were made. So, as I see it, there is a time-jumping building on every possible world. If you miss your jump, you can make the next jump as the building will still be there–and it is a time-jumping building. Only thing is that your current travel partners won’t be there but some other travel partners may be, or other versions of your original travel partners, or…whatever.
    And “yes”, I did use the term “time-jump” because the building does jump through time as well. When the building jumps, it is always exactly the same day at exactly the same time on every earth. So the building jumps back in time (to the same start time) as well as to another parallel earth.

    • From what I gathered it doesn’t travel through time, the asain girl i forget her name said it jumps every 36 hours. They are traveling to parallel universes where its the same day an time as the one they just left. Hence if your on earth 123 on Monday the jump occurs on Tuesday putting them on earth 124 on Tuesday so on and so forth. So i dont think its jumping back in time as you stated its moving forward, they just spend 36 hours on each earth and jump to the next. The machine gives them a little control to jump sooner, since I assume after 36 hours the building jumps regardless if they are there or not.

  • James Anderson Merritt

    This was clearly a pilot, and was intriguing enough and sufficiently well-produced that I want to see more. I have missed Sliders for many years. Parallels seems to capture a lot of that powerful vibe, but also modernizes and polishes it for today’s audiences. I read elsewhere that Parallels showrunners said more episodes would be forthcoming. I hope so. This show has big potential. Don’t squander it or toss it away.

  • dmwood333

    um…where the hell is the next episode? If that was a movie then the ending sucked!

  • Wide Awake

    They need to make this a show~ Really damn good!

  • scott thienes

    got to make parallels a series it was a good movie

  • Joe Jay

    Just watched it and had to Google it . There better be more this is great and I’m wanting more..


    Not as comical as sliders .I can’t see why they wouldn’t make more seeing the series could go anywhere it wanted .Zombie world? A USA world where they try to take your gun right’s and depopulate the citizenry. .Oh wait that is this world .If you decision makers,shot callers are reading this .Make More Parallels !!!!

  • Amadeu Macedo

    Is there any update on whether PARALLELS will have additonal episodes? l

  • Amadeu Macedo

    It’s unbelievable to witness such an outstanding Sci-Fi pilot movie be wasted awayt. I have watched every possible type of Sci-Fi shows; as such I am in a position to ascertain that Parallels has the potential oo becoming one of the most successful TV series of this genre, possibly the elquivalent of a “Star Trek” version of the Multiverse of infinite universes.

    Please note that lcurrent Physics experts fully embrace the existence of Paralel Universes, in accordance with the expansion of String Treories which now embraces the M-theory where “M” stands for MEMBRANES. In accordance with these studies, there are an infinite number of MEMBRANES parallel to one-another and each of these membranes contain a distinct Universe, with its own laws of physics. This infinte number of Membranes exist in the MULTIVERSE…

  • Frances Kissems

    Still waiting


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