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/ Sep 11, 2014

Digital video industry news today

How the Internet ‘Slowed Down’ for Net Neutrality

Yesterday, VideoInk reported on the “Internet Slowdown” campaign, in which large tech companies like Netflix, Reddit, and Vimeo are standing up for net neutrality in the face of an imminent FCC ruling that could allow for “fast lanes” and “slow lanes” on the web. The former, of course, would be reserved for the content providers who could afford to pay off broadband companies for faster delivery, while the remaining content providers would get left in their dust.


The Verge

NY Times


Opinions & Analysis

Study Finds Hispanics Watch the Most Online Video

According to a recent study from video-ad tech company YuMe and SMG Multicultural (using data from Interpret), Hispanic audiences in the US watch a lot more online video than other demographics in the country. Specifically, Hispanic households spend 68% more time than non-Hispanics when it comes to viewing digital content.



Study Says Social Advertising Converts More Customers

When it comes converting customers, social advertising is the best at it, according to a new study by AOL Platforms in which 500 million clicks and 15 million conversions were analyzed in the first quarter of 2014 to determine how and where users made purchasing decisions. The best platform on social media? By and large, the study showed that YouTube was key for not just introducing products, but influencing purchasing decisions, too.



What the iPhone 6 means for mobile video

Apple’s new iPhones could supercharge mobile video consumption.

The iPhone 6 and its husky cousin, the iPhone 6 Plus, boast substantially larger screen sizes than earlier Apple phones. The iPhone 6 packs a 4.7-inch display, and the iPhone 6 Plus includes an even bigger 5.5-inch screen with a super-sharp 1080p resolution. Well-produced video on both devices is going to look great — and the data suggests Apple fans who snap up these bigger iPhones will watch a lot more of it.



Cut The Cord? HBO Considers Selling Direct To Better Combat Netflix

“Up until now.” Three little words uttered by Jeff Bewkes, the CEO of HBO’s parent company Time Warner, at a Goldman Sachs conference yesterday that could represent a seismic shift in the way cable TV is sold.



The Bay Area gets the European internet exchange model Netflix hopes will spread

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange putting up a point of presence in Digital Reality’s San Francisco data center signals the rise of an alternative to the current model of peering in the U.S.


Deals & Signings

British Broadcaster ITV Invests in Believe Entertainment Group

ITV plc, the broadcaster behind one of Britain’s oldest and biggest television networks, has made an investment in Believe Entertainment Group, the digital studio behind shows like LeBron James’ “The LeBrons,” DJ Tiesto’s “In the Booth,” and the Jay Mohr-hosted “Money Where Your Mouth Is.” Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.





Unruly Pilots New Native Video-Ad Format with Adidas

Social video company Unruly Media has unveiled a new native video ad format to help advertisers reach audiences in an organic manner across the web — and has already secured Adidas as the format’s launch partner.



Maker Studios ‘Mostly a Distribution Play’ for Disney

The role Maker Studios will play inside the Walt Disney Co. is getting a little clearer months after the network of online channels was acquired for $500 million.


Streaming Video News

Ora.TV to Exclusively Stream Emmy-Nominated ‘Beer Geeks’

Ora.TV, the online video network behind shows like “Larry King Now” and “Off the Grid with Jesse Ventura,” has inked a pact with Page Productions to exclusively distribute every episode of “Beer Geeks,” a TV series that explores the world of craft beer.





Netflix rolls out new instant search tool for the Web, displaying results and cover art as you type

Netflix has introduced a new instant search tool on the Web, as it looks to expedite your search for TV shows and movies.

Now, as soon as you start typing the first letter or two from the name of a show or actor, Netflix automatically shows relevant matches alongside their associated cover art in a grid-like format.



Netflix brings Post-Play to Chromecast, lets you line up your next show without lifting a finger

Netflix has announced that its ‘Post-Play’ feature, which plays the next episode in a TV series automatically at the end of an episode and that recommends similar titles at the end of a movie, is now available when casting to Google’s Chromecast device.

It might not be a particularly new feature for iOS users but Android owners only got it in June this year, and it’s only today beginning to roll out for Android and iOS devices capable of sending content to a Chromecast dongle.



A Video Series Turns a Spotlight on Local Artists

AN online documentary about Porridge Papers, a company in Lincoln, Neb., that makes the type of deckle-edged recycled paper found in art supply and stationary stores, includes a field-trip visit by schoolchildren to the small mill and print shop.

NY Times


Sony Recruits 22 Viacom Networks for Internet TV

Sony Corp. (SNE) will include 22 networks from Viacom Inc. (VIAB), such as MTV and Nickelodeon, in the Internet-based TV service it’s planning.

The deal, the first time Viacom has made its shows available for such a service, covers live and on-demand programming, the companies said today in a statement. The package will have “major programmers” including Viacom, said Sony, which plans to divulge more details in the near future.




Time Warner And CBS Chiefs Say They’re Considering Taking HBO And Showtime Direct To Consumers

Head feints? Perhaps. But in separate appearances at an investor conference today,Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes and CBS’ Les Moonves seemed more open than they’ve been to the possibility of using HBO and Showtime to directly challenge Netflix  — including offering them on the Internet to people who don’t also subscribe to pay TV.



Will Ferrell to Play Videogames for Cancer Charities on Twitch (Video)

When Taylor Carol was 11, he was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer. But he was one of the lucky ones — after five years of treatment, his doctors declared him 100 percent cancer-free, and Carol is now a sophomore at Harvard.

During those years of treatment, Carol said in an interview with Re/code, he discovered that videogames helped him and other patients combat the “horrible isolation and sense of helplessness” of the oncology ward.



Leslie Bibb To Topline Amazon Pilot ‘Salem Rogers’

Leslie Bibb has been tapped for the title role in Amazon Studios’ comedy pilot Salem Rogers: Model Of The Year 1998. Written by Lindsey Stoddart, the project centers on Salem Rogers (Bibb), a self-centered, arrogant former supermodel who is forced to leave rehab after 10 years and reunites with her long-suffering former assistant, now a self-help writer using her years with Salem as an inspiration.


YouTube News

3 Types of Audience Members You Might Be Missing on YouTube

Many YouTube creators take for granted that online viewers can and will understand their videos. However, this attitude discounts a whole lot of potential audience members. What exactly does that mean? Well, if you’re creating the average YouTube video, here are some viewers the YouTube Creator Playbook suggests you might be leaving behind…



Bethany Mota Will Cover Seventeen’s First Ever YouTube Issue

Is anyone having a better year than Bethany Mota? It’s possible, but it’s not likely. In the past twelve months she’s been one of the first creators featured in YouTube’s national Beacon ad campaign, she’s picked up a Teen Choice Award and a Streamy Award, and been named to the cast of the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars.” That is, as we insiders like to say, “a lot of stuff.” But it seems there’s more to come: Bethany is going to be the cover girl for the October 2014 issue of Seventeen magazine, marking off a new celebrity milestone and taking another big step toward mainstream fame.



How Meridith Valiando Rojas Turns YouTube Celebrities into Concert Stars: The Full Code/Media Interview

You can have Beyonce and U2. Meridith Valiando Rojas has our2ndlife and lohanthony.

Who? Exactly, says Valiando Rojas, who doesn’t want you to know who those people are, unless you’re in her target audience — the teens and preteens who come to the packed concerts she puts on, which feature a new breed of YouTube and Vine stars.



YouTube Owns Nearly 20% Share of US Digital Video Ads

YouTube’s net US video ad revenues will total $1.13 billion in 2014, according to new figures from eMarketer, accounting for 18.9% of the US digital video ad market. YouTube’s net video ad revenues—ads exclusively run on the site’s video clips, not including banners, search and other ads on the site, and excluding traffic and content acquisition costs—will grow in step with the video ad market overall, and the site won’t increase its market share significantly in the coming years.

eMarketer Staff


Media News

Web Series Wednesday: Meet Some Hilarious, Badass Women

This week’s Web Series Wednesday focuses on women who will (most likely) make you laugh. Antics range from thrift-store rejections to a middle-school pubes crisis in shows that feature more than one comedian who’s passed through “SNL” and multiple women who will show you that it’s okay (or at least hilarious) to be yourself and make out-of-the-box life choices.



AnyClip Builds Widget to Ensure Its Distribution Network Is Brand-Safe

AnyClip Media, a provider of a programmatic video distribution and advertising platform, has launched a new tool to improve the transparency and brand-safety of its inventory.


FullBottle and Cartoon Network Tap Vine Creators for Anti-Bullying Campaign

It’s the start of September, meaning it’s time for students to return to school. This means lots of back-to-school outfit/makeup tutorials by YouTube style gurus, plenty of branded video campaigns, and, unfortunately, bullying for one third of US students.

To combat this problem, influencer-focused digital marketing agency FullBottle and Cartoon Network are working together on the “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” campaign. With the help of multiple Vine creators, the campaign will feature six-second video content that urges kids and teens to let adults know when bullying takes place, which only 20% to 30% of those bullied currently do, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.



Activision’s $500 Million ‘Destiny’ Launch Shows Power of Online Video One of the biggest new franchise releases in history

With gaming giants Activision (Call of Duty franchise) and Bungie (Halo franchise) behind it, yesterday’s release of Destiny was bound to be a big pre-order event. But the game exceeded expectations, with more than $500 million already tallied for orders by stores, to easily become one of the largest wholesale launches of a new game franchise in history.



Facebook Video Auto-play Driving Up Mobile Costs (How to Stop That)

Facebook’s video auto-play feature has had a mixed reception from users who either welcome its convenience, or who find the whole format to be incredibly intrusive. No matter which camp you are in, if you have the feature enabled, videos that start to play automatically as you scroll through your News Feed could led to increased cell phone costs.



Iggy Azalea, Demi Lovato To Headline First Vevo SuperFanFest

I was trying to think of some appropriate way to intro Vevo’s emergence into the concert scene and somehow the monster awakening scene from “Frankenstein” seemed appropriate. See the monolithic entity that is Vevo has decided it is now going to be in the concert-throwing business.

Signing up Iggy Azalea and Demi Lovato for headlining duties (as they are apparently Vevo CERTIFIED’s Most-Viewed Artists), the first annual CERTIFIED Superfanfest will commence on Oct. 8 in Santa Monica, CA. Fortunately for those of you who don’t live in CA (or have been kidnapped to Ohio), Vevo will be broadcasting streams of the event across all its platforms starting on Oct. 16.




Johnny Carson lives! (in digital)

If you’ve been on Facebook lately and wondered why Johnny Carson is commenting on the recent deaths of Joan Rivers, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, no, you haven’t gone crazy.

The former late-night TV king is still no longer with us, but his memory, likeness and laughter live on, forever, in digital.

Beyond Facebook, there’s also a thriving Carson channel on YouTube, with more than 71 million views, and a still-active DVD business, run by nephew Jeff Sotzing, the son of Carson’s sister Catherine.

USA Today


OK Go Claims Apple Ripped Them Off in Inspirational Launch Video

At Apple’s product rollout Tuesday, the mega-company unveiled a new iPhone, iWatch, payment system and U2 record that have all caught a lot of attention. But what indie-rockers OK Go noticed most is the video that launched the event called “Perspective” that was dedicated to original thinkers through a series of optical illusion Felice Varini-like images, a video they feel rips off an original idea of their own.



Disney CFO Says Consumers Should Love Pay TV, And Online Video Too

Forget all the talk about how much people hate their cable and satellite companies, and want to cut the cord. Pay TV is “probably the best bargain in entertainment today” and doesn’t have a big problem appealing to consumers, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo told an investor gathering today.




Local Media Consortium Taps Tout For Programmatic Video

Local publishers are trying to tap into online and mobile video ad dollars, but not all have the resources to produce their own video content.

Media Post


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