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/ Sep 16, 2014

Digital video industry news today

Major League Gaming Nabs PewDiePie’s Podcast ‘BroKen’

Felix Kjellberg has over 30 million subscribers on his PewDiePie YouTube channel. Now, it’s time for him to start spreading the viewer wealth to other platforms, like Major League Gaming’s MLG.tv.

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Cynopsis http://bit.ly/1DeZhPc

VentureBeat http://bit.ly/1pi9jo4

Opinions & Analysis

Programmatic Video Advertising on the Rise, Says New AOL Study

Online video advertising is definitely going programmatic, according to a new survey of marketing and media professionals from AOL’s Adap.tv. And the growth is being led by both the buy and sell sides.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1t5XTKi


Cord-Cutting Continues to Grow

One of the things that keeps cable company executives awake at night is the increase in cord-cutting — people giving up entirely on cable TV service in favor of getting their video content from the internet. While the numbers are small so far, those planning to cut the cord in the coming year are increasing — and that remains a worrisome sign.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1qYPbeN


Mobile Video Has Jumped 400% in the Last Two Years Report: on-the-go clips account for 25% of all views

Ooyala’s  Q2 Video Index Report, which was released today, found that 25 percent of online video activity happens on mobile devices—a spike of 400 percent compared to two years ago.

The Silicon Valley-based video publishing and analytics company tracked the behaviors of almost 150 million viewers from around the world, across billions of daily video events.

AdWeek http://bit.ly/1tY2y2y

Media Post http://bit.ly/1s4XNnI


The Race Too Early to Call: Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast

The more data that emerges regarding the streaming video player category, the less clear it is just who is on top.

Variety http://bit.ly/1sgKiLL


Twitch CEO Sounds Off On Amazon Deal And Microsoft’s Play For ‘Minecraft’

For a man who’s selling his company to Amazon.com AMZN -0.04%, Emmett Shear looked calm and relatively unchanged.

Forbes http://onforb.es/1AQKq9z


It’s Time For YouTube Stars To Grow Up

Real money is being made within this ecosystem — YouTubers are becoming millionaires as billions are being invested, and major media and advertising dollars are flowing in at a rapid clip.

BetaBeat http://bit.ly/Xc6Lks


Netflix Built on ‘House of Cards’ Tested by Europe Shows

The investigators of the crime series “Tatort” will be unfamiliar to most viewers in the U.S. Not so in Germany, where the decades-old show has a hundred times more pull than “House of Cards.” That’s a challenge for Netflix Inc. (NFLX) as it pushes deeper into Europe.

Bloomberg http://bloom.bg/YOKFpZ


How to make stock video go viral

Jon Parker and Sheldon Popiel flourish within constraints.

With the creative team at 20-person Dissolve, their stock footage startup, Parker and Popiel have produced a series of viral hits this year. “This is a Generic Brand Video” skews empty corporate ads full of smiling children and time-lapsed highways.

Digiday http://bit.ly/1pi0nPv


Hollywood’s Old-Time Star Makers Are Swooping In on YouTube’s Party

A few months ago, CBS Films wanted Bethany Mota, an 18-year-old video blogger, to make a cameo appearance in the movie “The Duff” and tell her 7.2 million YouTube followers about the experience. CBS figured that Ms. Mota, known for making fashion videos from her Los Banos, Calif., bedroom, would jump at the chance.

NY Times http://nyti.ms/1oVlyrv


Online Video: Get Best Outcomes With Balance Of Broad/Narrow Targeting

Last week, Nielsen released new data showing that the percentage of campaigns using broad demo targeting declined 10% year-over-year, as brands are using increasingly narrower targeting to reach their digital audiences.

Media Post http://bit.ly/1DeVcKI


Deals & Signings

Electus Exec Evan Bregman Joins Portal A to Head Original Content

Former Electus executive Evan Bregman is the new head of original content at Portal A, a California-based independent digital studio behind series like “Takei’s Take” and “White Collar Brawlers,” as well as viral hits like “YouTube Rewind.”

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1uQWPZk

THR http://bit.ly/1uPbqof


Machinima Names Daniel Tibbets Chief Content Officer

Machinima has hired veteran media executive Daniel Tibbets as its first-ever chief content officer.

In the role, Tibbets will be responsible for all of Machinima’s programming efforts, including content strategy and development, program planning and scheduling, production, acquisitions, and business affairs. He will also oversee talent operations, managing the network’s talent development team that focuses on helping creators grow audience and secure content and brand deals.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1DeRSPH

Variety http://bit.ly/1DeSQvo

Deadline http://bit.ly/1oVi7RD


JibJab Acquires Make Believe Studios, Makers Of Video Calling App Hello Santa

JibJab Bros. Studios, which is the parent company to JibJab.com and the StoryBots apps, has made its first major purchase in its 15-year history, with the announcement that it’s acquiring a startup called Make Believe Labs, whose product “Hello Santa” we reviewed last year.

Tech Crunch http://tcrn.ch/XpKOz0

Variety http://bit.ly/1s4Xvgy

Streaming Video News

Hulu to Premiere New ‘Mike the Knight’ Film Prior to DVD Release

Mike the Knight is coming to Hulu.

The animated character, a favorite among preschoolers, is the star of a new movie called “Mike the Knight: Journey to Dragon Mountain,” which will debut exclusively on Hulu Plus in North America before its DVD release next month. The deal comes via producers Hit Entertainment, a division of Fisher-Price behind hit kiddie franchises like “Bob the Builder” and “Barney,” and independent studio NCircle Entertainment.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/Zo0uE3


Scott Glenn Will Mentor Daredevil in Upcoming Netflix Series

Marvel has cast Scott Glenn in its upcoming “Daredevil” TV series for Netflix. The veteran actor will play the role of Stick, a mysterious martial artist who serves as a mentor for the titular blind superhero.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1u1PbdL


Roku Tops 10 Million Media Streamers Sold

The media streaming world is alive and growing, as streaming set top box maker Roku has just announced that it passed the 10 million unit milestone.

TechCrunch http://tcrn.ch/1qbtp3u

Gigaom http://bit.ly/1t67IYq

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The Verge http://bit.ly/Zo2lsL


NBC ‘Today’ to Livestream Digital-Only Musical Performance with Phillip Phillips

NBC’s “Today” morning program will bow a digital-exclusive musical performance, featuring singer Phillip Phillips, on Tuesday.

Variety http://bit.ly/1nXYAjl


Nvidia’s LTE-connected Shield gaming tablet starts shipping Sept. 30

At $399, the new version of the Shield gaming tablet is $100 more expensive than its Wi-Fi-only predecessor, but it will come with 32GBs of memory and 4G connectivity.

Gigaom http://bit.ly/1r3SO4G


Amazon’s Fire TV connects with Spotify

Spotify is coming to Amazon’s Fire TV, with a twist: instead of launching a regular app on the device, Spotify just made the Fire TV a Spotify Connect-capable device (hat tip to Engadget).

Gigaom http://bit.ly/1s4XEk5


Amazon has Netflix in sights with ‘Transparent’

Online retail giant Amazon celebrated the launch of a new original show it hopes will help catch up with streaming pioneer Netflix.

“Transparent,” which had a red-carpet unveiling in Los Angeles on Monday, features a transgender character in the central role of a show which has already generated strong critical buzz.

Yahoo/ AFP http://yhoo.it/1qUoc5i


Amazon Orders Soccer Kids Comedy Pilot ‘The Kicks’

I’ve learned that Amazon Studios has given a green light to The Kicks, a single-camera kids comedy produced by James Frey’s Full Fathom Five. It is based on the best-selling series of books by Olympic gold medalist soccer star Alex Morgan, withDavid Babcock (ABC Family’s Twisted) serving as writer and showrunner.

Deadline http://bit.ly/1uDtlQx

The Haps With Apps

Al Jazeera Launches a Mobile-Only News Network

Al Jazeera is trying a new tactic to get news to the likes of “cord-nevers.” Instead of launching on broadcast television, or even the internet, the news organization is bringing its newest news network, AJ+, to app stores only, according to a report by GigaOm.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1qbqE26

Gigaom http://bit.ly/1pgwlvL

YouTube News

‘Epic Rap Battles’ Might Have a Rival in YouTuber Rich Alvarez

Watch out, Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist (better know as Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD from YouTube’s “Epic Rap Battles of History”). Rich Alvarez, whose YouTube channel currently has over 116,000 subscribers, created his own “rap battle” video featuring Donkey Kong facing off with Mario, and it’s not a competitor to scoff at.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1qYPG8G


Alfie Deyes’ ‘Pointless Book’ Tops The Amazon Charts

Congratulations are in order for Alfie Deyes. The cheeky challenge vlogger responsible for the PointlessBlog channel released his “Pointless Book” last week and it has already climbed to the top of the UK Amazon charts. Alfie joins fellow YouTube stars like Hannah Hart, and Epic Meal Time, who have all managed to translate their social media fame into bestselling author status.

NMR http://bit.ly/1sgNBTl


Orabrush Becomes YouTube Marketing Machine For Katherine Heigl’s JustOne

JustOne, a charitable pet venture started by actress Katherine Heigl, reached out to Orabrush, which built two multimillion dollar brands on YouTube, to help save lives of homeless animals by raising awareness and funds.

Media Post http://bit.ly/1BJ5Tn8

Media News

Animalist’s New Web Series Invites You to Meet the Gila Monster

Animalist’s latest web series kicks off with an homage to the nation’s reptiles. “Breaking Trail” debuts September 15 on Discovery Digital Networks’ Animalist to showcase lizards, turtles, and snakes.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1u1KEbr

Cynopsis http://bit.ly/1DeZhPc


Blue Ant Media Rolls Out Branded Music Video Series

AUX, a music and lifestyle branch of Blue Ant Media, is working with Beyond Marketing to bring viewers the branded series, “Scion Sessions.” Featuring blossoming Canadian musicians, the series will roll out on a dedicated “Scion Sessions” YouTube channel.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1uDpliJ


New Vevo Series Showcases Emerging Musical Talent

“DSCVR,” a new program aiming to introduce emerging artists to Vevo viewers, has premiered on the music video platform and YouTube.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1pi6nrF


WIGS Co-Creators Launch New Digital Studio, Backed by Some Big Names

The Hollywood filmmakers behind the WIGS scripted drama channel are launching a new company to produce more original, digital-first and multi-platform content — and have some serious backers to help them out.

Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia, co-creators of WIGS, and Jake Avnet, who serves as the channel’s chief operating officer, have unveiled Indigenous Media, which will focus on producing scripted half-hour and hour-long series — “as well as a variety of other formats” — for digital and emerging platforms worldwide.

VideoInk http://bit.ly/YOHZbU

The Wrap http://bit.ly/1tYF8tS

THR http://bit.ly/1u1U0Uy


Big Brands Jump on Flipboard’s New Video Ads Including Jack Daniels, Gucci and Chrysler

Personal magazine company Flipboard is rolling out a trial program incorporating video ads into its users’ news streams beginning today. The program launches with eight notable brands: Jack Daniels, Gucci, Chrysler, Lufthansa, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Principal Financial Group, Woodford Reserve and Fury, an action drama from Sony Pictures premiering in October.

AdWeek http://bit.ly/1sgLCyh


Video Ads Land on Flipboard and They Won’t Auto-play

Hot on the heels of Spotify, another mega-site is embracing video advertising via its mobile app. This time it’s Flipboard, the content curation social platform with 100 million active users. The videos ads will play in a full-screen format when clicked on by the user, and the ads will last from between 15 and 30 seconds, although longer format are available to advertisers. The spots will appear in the most viewed sections of the site, such as entertainment, travel, news and sport.

ReelSeo http://bit.ly/1m80X7U


Dish Adds Food Network, HGTV and Other Scripps Cable Nets to Internet TV Lineup

Dish Network is another step closer to launching a cheaper over-the-top TV service, obtaining rights to deliver live and on-demand content from Scripps Networks Interactive’s suite of cablers including Food Network, HGTV and DIY Network.

Variety http://bit.ly/1sgKbQw

Deadline http://bit.ly/1qJcsnm


Online Video Advertising Provider Videology Is On Track To Hit $300 Million In Revenue This Year

Videology CEO Scott Ferber says his company is “on track to approach” $300 million in revenue this year, a sizeable jump from the $100 million the company reported two years ago.

Business Insider http://read.bi/1sgJFlB

Industry Highlights

Seventeen Editor-in-Chief Ann Shoket on the Mag’s YouTube Issue

There’s something unique about the next issue of Hearst’s Seventeen Magazine, which hits the shelves on September 16. It’s dedicated entirely to YouTube stars. From Shane Dawson to cover girl Bethany Mota, Seventeen’s featuring 40 YouTubers in total in this special issue. Why? Because, surprise surprise, Seventeen’s readers love YouTube creators. Teens loving YouTube — who would have guessed?

VideoInk http://bit.ly/1o0d0Q5


The FCC Has Received More Than 3 Million Comments Concerning Net Neutrality

The FCC has received more than 3 million comments concerning the current net neutrality notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM). That figure is dramatically higher than the previously reported 1.5 million figure that was released last week.

TechCrunch http://tcrn.ch/XvtcBG


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