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Monday 5.18.15: News to Know

Digital video industry news today

Tuesday 4.28.15: News to Know

2 Chainz smokes a giant weed pipe

2 Chainz Smokes ‘Most Expensivest’ Joint in Season...

tough season onion

Web Series Wednesday: In Honor of Super Bowl Sunday…

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2 Chainz Tries Out ‘Most Expensivest Shit’ in GQ Web...

Conde Nast Entertainment

Conde Nast Launches ‘Provocative’ Fall Docu-Series Slate

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GQ’s New Series Will Cure Your Hangover


Famous Men Divulge First Jobs on GQ’s Latest Series

Conde Nast Entertainment

DCNF: Conde Nast to Launch More Than 100 Shows in 2014, Building...

Conde Nast Entertainment

Conde Nast Entertainment Renews 21 Series from Its 2013 Slate

Digital video industry news today

Friday 4.4: News to Know


CNE and GQ’s Sports Emmy Nomination Is Just the Beginning


Conde Nast Looks at Self (Magazine) for Eighth Video Channel


Yahoo Channelizes Yahoo Screen, Adds New Content Partners


Reviewed! Two Amazing Sports Web Documentaries Worth Your Time

"The Reviewer"

“City.Ballet.” Is Gracefully Done





City.Ballet.,” to state the obvious, is as much a cautionary tale about ballet as it is a love letter to it. Each episode navigates the scuffed walls of the New York City Ballet with equal parts reverence and apprehension, as it dives into the brutally competitive world of professional dancing. In an e… Read More

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‘Casualties of the Gridiron': A Moving and Effective...


Conde Nast’s Video Network Expands to Roku


GQ Debuts Sports Documentary Series on the Effects of Concussions


Thursday 7.18: News to Know


GQ’s ‘Jogging with James’ Sprints into Mini-Series


Reviewed! Machinima’s ‘Tainted Love'; GQ’s ’10 Essentials'; Lexus’ ‘Beyond Memories’

Allen Weiner

Machinima: “Tainted Love”


I don’t want to go all Marshall McLuhan boring TV historian on you, but it’s safe to say the best shows fit the medium. The web, internet-TV medium is still feeling its way toward mass appeal by experimenting with commercial programming suited for today’s multi-screen, ADD consumer who wants to be entertained or informed in a few blinks of the eye. As a prime example of a short and powerful smack to the senses, I call your attention to NSFW “Tainted Love,” a wild, graphic novel of a web ser… Read More

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GQ’s ’10 Essentials’ Hardly Essential


Conde Nast Brings Video Content to Dailymotion


Conde Nast Adds Wired to Growing Digital Video Network


Conde Nast Adds Vogue to Growing Video Network