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Quick Breaks: Morgan Spurlock Doc on Amazon; Netflix Sets...

Evan Handler will star in Cinelan series

Cinelan Teams Up with ‘Goodfellas’ Producer on CIA Series

AOL Partners with Roku to Premiere Its First Long-Form Series,...

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Thursday 3.12.15: News to Know

WATCH THIS: AOL Releases First Trailer for First Long-Form Series

Digital Content Newfronts

AOL Unveils Cast, Premiere Date for First Long-Form Series

Digital video industry news today

Wednesday 10.15.14: News to Know

morgan spurlock

Maker Studios and Morgan Spurlock Expand ‘Smartish’...

Digital video industry news today

Thursday 5.29: News to Know

morgan spurlock

Morgan Spurlock and Microsoft Co-Founder Paul G. Allen Team on...

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Wednesday 5.7: News to Know


DCNF: Maker Studios to Offer Programming from Morgan Spurlock,...

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Friday 5.2: News to Know


Morgan Spurlock Makes Monumental Deal with Associated Press


Yahoo Rolls Out Additional Episodes of ‘Losing It with...


Reviewed! Yahoo’s Fall Comedy Lineup Shines More Than It Stumbles


‘Losing It with John Stamos’ Makes Me Lose It (in a Good Way!)


Sometimes the quality of a one-on-one interview series is largely dependent on how good the guests are. In the case of “Losing It with John Stamos,” in which celebrities like Matt Stone (“South Park”), Olivia Munn (“The Newsroom”), Adam Pally (“Happy Endings”), and Bob Saget (“Full House”) talk to John Stamos about sex and related things, the host is uneven but the guests are terrific. That’s not to say Stamos is unnecessary, there are times when he comes up wit… Read More

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Reviewed! Machinima’s ‘Tainted Love'; GQ’s ’10 Essentials'; Lexus’ ‘Beyond Memories’

Allen Weiner

Machinima: “Tainted Love”


I don’t want to go all Marshall McLuhan boring TV historian on you, but it’s safe to say the best shows fit the medium. The web, internet-TV medium is still feeling its way toward mass appeal by experimenting with commercial programming suited for today’s multi-screen, ADD consumer who wants to be entertained or informed in a few blinks of the eye. As a prime example of a short and powerful smack to the senses, I call your attention to NSFW “Tainted Love,” a wild, graphic novel of a web ser… Read More

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GQ’s ’10 Essentials’ Hardly Essential