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Monday 1.27: News to Know


Big Frame Opens Cross-Promotion Tool Viewfinder to the Public


Big Frame Chases Financing, Potentially Shifts Vertical Strategy


Big Frame Debuts Viewfinder to Help Creators Help Each Other


Hello Gorgeous: The Money in Beauty on YouTube


Beauty is one of the most intriguing content categories on YouTube, because it’s changing the way billion-dollar brands are selling everything from acne and anti-aging creams, to nail polish, mascara, and even deodorant.

Take L’Oreal Paris, the third-largest global beauty brand in terms of overall revenue. In 2012, the company ran ads in eight of the top fifteen beauty videos, a clear vote of confidence in the most popular YouTube beauty gurus’ power to boost brand awareness, affinity, and purchase intent. And with good reason. Although most brands have launched their own content channels, t… Read More

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Big Frame Launches New Vertical for Fashion & Beauty Content